Here at Crocodiles of the World we boast one of the widest collections of crocodiles, alligators and caiman in Europe. We are home to 17 of the world’s 24 species, including Cuban and Siamese crocodiles who are two of the most critically endangered species and Saltwater crocodiles who are the most feared in the world.


Find out more about our captivating crocodiles by scrolling through the species below, as well as an insight into some of the other amazing animals you can see here at the zoo…


Crocodiles, alligators and caimans


SpeciesScientific name
Morelet’s crocodile or Mexican crocodileCrocodylus moreletii
Nile crocodile or African crocodileCrocodylus niloticus
Saltwater crocodileCrocodylus porosus
Dwarf crocodileOsteolaemus tetraspis
Cuban crocodileCrocodylus rhombifer
Siamese crocodileCrocodylus siamensis
Freshwater crocodileCrocodylus johnstoni
TomistomaTomistoma schlegelii
African Slender-snouted crocodileMecistops cataphractus
American alligatorAlligator mississippiensis
Chinese alligatorAlligator sinensis
Cuvier’s dwarf caimanPaleosuchus palpebrosus
Schneider’s dwarf caiman or smooth-fronted caimanPaleosuchus trigonatus
Black caimanMelanosuchus niger
Spectacled caimanCaiman crocodilus
Yacaré caimanCaiman yacare
Broad-snouted caimanCaiman latirostris



Monitor lizards


SpeciesScientific name
Green tree monitorVaranus prasinus
Crocodile monitorVaranus salvadorii
Mertens’s water monitorVaranus mertensi
Water monitorVaranus salvator



Other animals


SpeciesScientific name
Northern caiman lizardDracaena guianensis
Alligator snapping turtleMacrochelys temminckii
Hilaire’s side-necked turtlePhrynops hilarii
Yellow-bellied sliderTrachemys scripta scripta
African spurred tortoiseGeochelone sulcata

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