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Crocodiles can teach us so much about the world and have the most advanced physiology of anything else on the planet. Using crocodiles as the basis of discussions you can bring an exciting angle to a variety of topics, including conservation, physiology, behaviour and more. We find that pupils of all ages enjoy this way of interactive learning and it stimulates some great questions and discussions both at the zoo and back in the classroom.


We always want to use our time together to reinforce what the children have been learning in class at school, but we also want them to gain a true appreciation for crocodiles, and the role they play in their world. We are lucky to have such a collection of animals to use as our classroom here at Crocodiles of the World.



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Welcome to our stimulating zoo classroom


As the UK’s only crocodile zoo, Crocodiles of the World provides a unique educational experience where pupils can learn about a variety of animals in a safe and stimulating environment, whilst reinforcing curriculum topics. Visits to the zoo allow students of all ages to experience talks, feeding demonstrations, as well as the opportunity to ask our keepers questions to keep them on their toes! Aside from over 100 crocodiles, we also have a range of other interesting animals here at the zoo including a Komodo dragon, Binturong, Meerkats and Giant Galapagos tortoises. Many of the animals here are endangered species and we support a range of conservation projects to help secure their future.


These animals are not only our passion, but they offer an exciting way for us to explain many aspects of biology, physiology, habitats, adaptations, evolution, ecology and behaviour. In fact, because we are experts with these amazing animals, we can use them to illustrate many parts of the school curriculum.

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What schools say about us:


“I took my class of Year 1 children here, they had the most fantastic time. The staff ensured that our visit went smoothly and Laura (education lady) did the most interesting talk, that kept all the children captivated! The children adored the meerkats and otters as well as the crocodiles.”

Lucy, Great Milton Primary School. June 2015


“The children had a brilliant time and learnt so much at the same time, The talks were appropriately levelled, paced and were well controlled despite high levels of excitement, a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience for all involved and I shall have no hesitation in recommending you and your wonderful creatures to other schools”

Michelle Hastings. Great Rollright Primary. June 2014



Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ page which may have the information you need. If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding your visit, please contact us.