You can’t help but love the mammals we have here, after all everyone loves the cute and cuddlies. Our meerkats, otters and tamarins certainly bring our outdoor education zone to life and they won’t fail to entertain and amuse you. Our elusive fishing cat is very popular, too: just try to find him in his well-planted habitat!

First up are our meerkats. These cute and active creatures are mainly insectivores in the wild, and our feeding talks and demonstrations allow visitors to get really close to see them searching for their food. The special ‘bubble’ window allows kids to get a meerkat-eye view of the action!


Otters are another animal often found in crocodile habitat. We house Asian Short-clawed Otters, and they do indeed interact with some crocodile species throughout their range in Asia. Our group are all boys, and brothers at that! So, that explains the cheeky behaviour. Asian Short-clawed Otters are starting to lose their habitat in the wild, with numbers becoming quite depleted throughout the range.


Tamarins are very small primates, and our Cotton-top Tamarins have a characteristic fan of long, white hair on their heads. These small primates only reach a size of around 23 cm, and about 410 gms. However, their antics and speed around their enclosure is more than impressive. Cotton-top Tamarins are Critically Endangered, with only perhaps 1000 left in the wilds of Colombia.


Our Fishing cat, called Freddie, is a beautiful species of small cat from South-east Asia. These cats grow to about twice the size of the average domestic cat and are denizens of wetland habitats. At home in the water, fishing cats swim very well, with slightly webbed front toes, and protruding claws that help them secure fishy  prey – although they are generalists as far as diet goes, also eating small mammals, birds, lizards and livestock (especially poultry).

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