First up are our meerkats. These cute and active creatures are mainly insectivores in the wild, and our feeding talks and demonstrations allow visitors to get really close to see them searching for their food. The special ‘bubble’ window allows kids to get a meerkat-eye view of the action. We also currently have meerkat pups!


Tamarins – we have two species of these very small primates at the zoo. Our Cotton-top Tamarins have a characteristic fan of long, white hair on their heads. These small primates only reach a size of around 23 cm, and about 410 gms. However, their antics and speed around their enclosure is more than impressive. Cotton-top Tamarins are Critically Endangered, with only perhaps 1000 left in the wilds of Colombia. We also have two Emperor tamarins who get their name from the regal appearance of their long white moustache. They live in the evergreen and broadleaf forests of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia in the southwest Amazon and rarely seen above elevations of 300m, as they feed on nectar, fruits, flowers, fungi, and animal prey which is hunted from leaves and branches in the mid to lower levels of the forest canopy.




Our Mammal Adoptions


Species Adopted By
Meerkats Evie Burden
Izzy Firkins
Clouded Leopard Keria Waddilove
Samuel Prince
Isabel Love
Binturong Jessica Daly
Elinor Jean Kitson

* no longer at the zoo

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