Our Donors

Recognising your support

Since it’s founding, the zoo has been the beneficiary of contributions from donors around the world. Here is a list of the most recent supporters who have given to Crocodiles of the World or helped to fund a project.


We are immensely grateful for the support of all our donors and we wish to acknowledge your generous support.


Please note we can only list the donor’s name as documented on the cheque or from PayPal.


David Loeffler, Maxine Dudley, Monika Sulik, David Bond, Nuttaporn Voonklinhom, Cara Capewell, Michael Roberts


Barry Fowler, C Nursey, Edward Hing, Joe Curtis, Alison Taylor, Davlic Media, Charlie Johnson, Tony Richards, David Loeffler, Maxine Dudley, Parminder Singh, Helen Derry

Zoo Move

Barry Fowler, C Nursey, Edward hing, Joe Curtis, Alison taylor, Davlic Media, Charlie Johnson, Ulf Westberg, Kiran Singh, Lewis Johnson, Adrian State, Tom Hartman, M G REVILL, Eric Langley, Patricia Murphy, John Keyworth, Mrs Holland, Kay Roadnight, Tina Bradley, Beth Elkins, Philip Sutton, David Morris, Sarah Clarke, Hayley Smitherman, Celise Taylor, Matthew Berry


Deana Horwill, George Loizou, Elizabeth Brown, Maxine Dudley, Kai Hansen, Hannah Dury, John Cleary, Michael Roberts, Debbie Smith, Rebecca Johnson, Louise Cowley, Martyn Mccallum, Diana Winpenny


Tony Richards, Ken I Crawley, Rory Findlater, Terence Janaway, Roee Bashary, Richard Young, Ross Thornhill Photography, Ken Gill, Michelle Grangé, Keith and Janey Dalton, Laura Clayton

Any Questions?

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