We have three species on display here at the zoo: Blue and Gold Macaws, Laughing Kookaburras, and Bengal Eagle Owls. You may also see some peafowl wandering about the outside areas of the zoo.

Why do we have birds at a crocodile zoo? Easy. Birds and crocodilians are the only living animal groups left of the group that included the dinosaurs. That makes crocodiles and alligators more closely aligned to the birds than they are to the other reptiles! Fortunately, our crocodiles can’t fly…

Blue and Gold macaws are perhaps the most famous of the parrots. These guys come from South America, and their stunning blue and gold plumage make them extremely popular with our visitors.


Kookaburras are those infamous Australian birds, always up for a laugh. Their distinctive calls can be heard anytime during the day.


Bengal Eagle Owls – those silent hunters of the night, the owls are incredible predators. Our owls can be viewed in their large aviary, and during feeding talks, you can see those powerful talons and learn more about the birds of prey.


Fact: From the diminutive hummingbird to the huge ostrich, there are around 10,000 species of birds on the planet today.

Any Questions?

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