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Build a Bug Hotel Competition

Help our native bugs to thrive, build a bug hotel + be in with a chance to WIN a free family ticket to the zoo



Here at Crocodiles of the World, we are dedicated to the conservation of crocodiles and other endangered animals at the zoo. This now extends to helping our native bugs to thrive by planting wildflower seeds and building a new bug hotel in small unused spaces at the zoo. Now we want to encourage others to do the same, with the chance to win a FREE FAMILY ticket to the zoo.


Clare Wilkie, Researcher, Crocodiles of the Worlds said, “Conservation is always better together and so we’d love the help of our local community. By creating bug houses in your own garden spaces, together we can create a much larger network that is dedicated to helping insects as they go about their pollination duties, helping them to find stop off points to feed, breed and succeed.”


UK insects are in serious decline. This is bad news for both wildlife and people. Insects pollinate around a third of food crops and most plant life. They form a basis for a healthy food chain that supports much of our native wildlife, so without our hard-working bugs, we risk the breakdown of our natural world. Ideas for ‘rooms’ of your bug hotel include rotting wood and sticks, hollow bamboo canes, pinecones, and smooth flat rocks.


How to enter:

Create your own bug hotel (can be large, small, specific to certain bugs, more general… anything will work wonders) and email the photo of your creation into us at: with the subject line Bug Hotel.



For all entries, please provide the name and age of the bug house creator. We’ll be picking the best bug houses from different age categories with winners picked based on creativity and contents of the bug buildings. (Please see our labelled photo below if you need ideas for what to fill the ‘rooms’ with). Chosen winners will receive a free family ticket to the zoo! (Two adults and two children).



Very important note: We recognise that any and all creations will be hugely beneficial to our local insect populations. Even the smallest and simplest bug houses are doing their huge part in helping us boost the space we can dedicate to insect conservation as a whole. With this, all participants will have their bug house photos on display for all to see on one of our zoo’s notice boards.

CLOSING DATE: 30th MAY 2024. Snappy Building!