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Crocodiles of the World gains charitable status


On August 8, 2013, we received formal confirmation of our new charity status from the Charity Commission, the regulator for charities in England and Wales. We now continue with our commitment to advancing crocodilian conservation and promoting awareness of environmental issues affecting crocodiles. With all of our on-going work we aim to advance the wider education of the public in the world of crocodilians.


Crocodiles of the World Foundation
Registered charity number 1153303
Registered in England and Wales



Charitable Status

Charities exist to benefit the public, not specific individuals. In order to be recognised as charitable the aims of Crocodiles of the World were set out in a constitution and assessed against fixed criteria including the advancement of education and benefits to the community. It was a vote of confidence that our mission was determined to be a cause worthy of charitable status.


Our new charity status will help us raise more funds beyond those raised from daily admission prices. In turn this will help us protect the future of Crocodiles of the World and develop new facilities for crocodile care and conservation.

Securing our future one step at a time  

Securing our future one step at a time

“The new charitable status marks a significant achievement for the zoo and will help us to achieve our aims for the future. We have many plans to grow Crocodiles of the World, not least relocating to larger premises in 2014. We need the move to ensure our future viability, and the new charitable status will help us toward our goal. It also represents another milestone to more widespread recognition of crocodile conservation issues.”
Shaun Foggett
Crocodiles of the World Founder

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