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Celebrity croc status for Trigger!

There’s something amusing going on here at Crocodiles of the World, as it seems that one of our smaller residents is beginning to steal the limelight from his bigger (more ferocious) companions! Yes, Trigger the Paleosuchus Trigonatus, better known as a Schneider’s dwarf caiman, has become somewhat of a celebrity at the zoo through is posing for pictures with visitors.

Trigger is located in the main zoo area alongside other caiman and is often found sitting at the front of his enclosure with his snout touching the glass. Described by many as a ‘mini dinosaur’ he has become so popular on social media that he now has his own ?#?Trigger?. Even our Croc Keepers can’t resist a photo opportunity!


Trigger and Terry!


You can find out more about Schneider’s dwarf caiman on our species page