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New Caiman Lizard Enclosure

Take a look at our Caiman lizards exploring their new home which has been specially designed for these semi-aquatic lizards. We have one male and two female Caiman lizards. The male and smaller female are around 5 ½ years old and the larger female is slightly older. They measure between 80cm and 1m and weigh up from 800g up to 1.6kgs.



Named for their crocodile-like skin, Caiman lizards are found in South American countries like Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.


Caiman lizards have wonderfully adapted teeth for the crustaceans they hunt. To go with the adaptations inside their mouths, they have an amazingly powerful bite to aid in crushing the shells of their prey.


Come and visit us soon, we’re open daily 10am – 5pm…