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critically endangered baby Tamarin twins

Crocodiles of the World are celebrating the birth of two Cotton-top Tamarins. The babies were born in July and have now started to explore their surroundings on their own, under the watchful eye of Mum and Dad.



Shaun Foggett, Zoo Director said: “We have recently started to see the babies venture off on their own, as since birth they have been on their parent’s backs, in fact you’d struggle to see them. Our adult Tamarins have taken to parenting brilliantly and share the job perfectly. It’s great to see the babies starting to learn their key skills to become phenomenal climbers and branch jumpers like their parents. ”


Native to Colombia Cotton-top Tamarins are critically endangered in the wild and is one of the rarest primates in the world. These small primates only reach a size of around 23 cm, and about 410g when fully grown and have a characteristic fan of long, white hair on their heads.


Shaun Foggett added: “We are delighted to have them here at the zoo and to be able to share the development of these special primates with our visitors.”


Our Cotton-top Tamarins can be found in our outdoor education zone alongside our Otters, Kookaburras, Meerkats and Freddie the Fishing Cat.