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Rescued Yacare caiman join the zoo

Helping crocodiles around the world is an important part of our work here at the zoo, and so we were pleased to be able to help rescue six Yacare caiman and give them a new home here at the zoo.


The animals were part of a large seizure of crocodilians in Canada and would have been euthanized if new homes had not been found. Two of the caiman have already joined our resident female Yacare ‘Cleo’ so we are hopeful that we may even have Yacare babies in the future.


Shaun Foggett, Founder and Crocodile Conservationist said: “As an animal charity we massively rely on supporters and donations to be able to help with situations like this. Thank you to everyone who has donated funds – you really are helping us to make a difference and carry out this vital work.”


You can find out more information about how you can make a donation on our website.



Shaun Foggett releasing rescued Yacare caiman