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‘Eggsplore’ a World of Crocodiles this Easter…

A visit to Crocodiles of the World in Brize Norton Oxfordshire is a wild experience at any time of year!  Whilst we don’t have any hatching eggs this Easter (our croc eggs tend to hatch in summer!) you will still get to learn lots about croc eggs and  be somewhat of a croc ‘eggspert’ by the time you leave.


So here’s some pretty cool croc egg facts to get you started;


  • All alligators and caimans, and about half the crocodile species lay their eggs above ground in ‘mound nests’ made from leaves, grasses etc.
  • The other half of the crocodile species dig ‘hole nests’ in sandy river banks.
  • Their eggs take around 70 days to hatch.
  • The tiny embryo forming within the egg is neither male nor female at first: the temperature of the egg will determine the gender of the resulting croc!
  • Baby crocodilians are called ‘hatchlings.’
  • The female will sometimes gently roll the unhatched egg in her mouth to assist with hatching.
  • The biggest egg we’ve had here at the zoo is a Tomistoma egg last year – it weighed 164g and measured 100mm in length and 50mm in width!



With the most advanced physiology of anything on this planet there’s so much to discover about these amazing animals, so come and enjoy a Snappy Easter at the UK’s only crocodile zoo. Open daily, 10am-5pm. Just a few minutes off the A40 in between Witney and Burford. You can book your tickets in advance online to speed up entry, or buy your tickets on arrival. Snappy Easter!