Teacher’s Guide

Information for School Visits


We want everything to be just right for your visit to Crocodiles of the World. The information here will help to make your visit run as smoothly as possible.


Download our 2022  Teachers Pack (PDF document, ~1.6mb)

Before You Arrive

We need:


  • The name of the Group Leader
  • An emergency contact person and number


We ask:


  • That you share with the other teachers, adult supervisors and children the information below, particularly with regard to the supervision and general information.

Upon Arrival

  • Upon arrival at Crocodiles of the World, please have the children remain in the transport vehicles whilst the Group Leader checks in at the front desk with the relevant paper work ready.
  • The Group Leader can then arrange for the children to be brought into the zoo and settled into the education room, where bags and belongings can be kept for the duration of the visit.
  • We will then give a Health and Safety Briefing to the group.
  • Our staff will show you where relevant facilities are located, and provide the teachers with maps.

Supervision Within The Zoo

  • We ask that the Group Leader ensure that sufficient supervision is provided for all students whilst in the zoo
  • Our aim is that all of our visitors have a relaxed and enjoyable visit. We therefore ask that teachers and adult supervisors ensure the children under their care make the school proud and behave appropriately during their visit.


  • As with all zoos, we spend time planning and preparing the diets of our animals. It is therefore important that visitors do not attempt to feed any of the animals. Please let the students know that they may be asked to leave the zoo if they do try to feed the animals.
  • It is also important for the health of the animals that no objects are thrown or dropped into any enclosure. Of course, this can seriously affect an animal if it were to eat certain objects. So, please explain to the students that no objects (pens, clipboards, bags, etc) are to be held over the barriers in case they are inadvertently dropped into the enclosure. We take the welfare of our animals very seriously, so anyone that intentionally throws something at one of our animals may be asked to leave the zoo.
  • So you can see the animals better, we have lots of glass viewing panels. Some of the animals can become frightened or stressed if visitors tap or knock on the glass.
  • Similarly, although it’s an exciting place to visit, it is much better for the animals (and safer for everyone) if the children don’t run around or yell and scream.
  • Children love to climb. We have a small play area for just such activities, and therefore cannot allow children to climb on fences, barriers, and other property.
  • If the visit includes any hands-on animal encounters, then please make sure all of the children who touch an animals wash their hands afterward. Our Education Team will point out hand washing stations.
  • We have some fantastic signs at Crocodiles of the World, and these include some that are there for your safety. Please take note of our safety sign posts, and most of all….



We hope you enjoy your day at Crocodiles of the World.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ page which may have the information you need. If you need any further assistance or have queries regarding your visit, please contact us.