Raffle Prize Requests


We receive hundreds of raffle prize requests every year and whilst we try to support as many local fund raising initiatives as we can, we have to balance this cost with our own running costs. Therefore we limit the amount of raffle prize we give out.


If you would like to contact us for a raffle prize please make sure you have read the guidance below and then email  your request to: info@crocodilesoftheworld.co.uk

If you would like a raffle prize please send an email explaining the event along with the charity name and number needing support.

If successful we will ask you to send an stamped addressed envelope (SAE) to Crocodiles of the World, Burford Road, Brize Norton, Oxon, OX18 3NX. Your raffle prize will then be sent out in the post within five working days.

Please note:

We shall only respond to requests that are on headed paper, with a charity logo, a contact name, address and a registered charity number.

Only one prize will be given to a charity per year.

If you are unsuccessful, please do contact us again in the future. It just means we’ve reached our limit!